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Saving Common Extraction Settings

Once you have found a suitable combination of command line options, it might be a bit tedious to specify them each time when you want to run the extraction command. For this, you can also set-up some pre-defined settings via the configuration:

# config.yml
            dirs: ["%kernel.project_dir%/templates", "%kernel.project_dir%/src"]
            output_dir: "%kernel.project_dir%/translations"
            ignored_domains: [routes]
            excluded_names: ["*TestCase.php", "*Test.php"]
            excluded_dirs: [cache, data, logs]
            extractors: [alias_of_the_extractor]

You can then run the extraction process with this configuration with the following command:

Note: Since Symfony 2.5.4, quotes around *TestCase.php and *Test.php are necessary. Without them it the Yaml cannot be parsed.
php app/console translation:extract de --config=app

The --config option also supports overriding via command-line options. Let?s assume that you would like to change the output format that has been defined in the config, but leave all other settings the same, you would run:

php app/console translation:extract de --config=app --output-format=xliff