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This bundle puts the Symfony Translation Component on steroids. While the Translation component is highly optimized to reduce the runtime overhead of your code, it lacks a few features for translators. The aim of this bundle is to make translating a site easier while still retaining all of the performance optimizations that are currently in place.

Key Features include:

  • allows developers to add additional context to translation ids to aid translators in finding the best possible translation
  • optimized dumping commands (nicer formatting, more information for translators, marks new messages)
  • optimized search algorithm (messages are found faster, and more reliably)
  • can extract messages for bundles, and your application (bundles)
  • extraction configs can be set-up through configuration to avoid having to re-type many command line arguments/options
  • Web-based UI for easier translation of messages


This bundle has three major components:

  • Extractor - extracts translation keys from your source code
  • Dumper - writes translations to file
  • WebUI - lets you edit your translations in a user friendly interface


The code is released under the business-friendly Apache2 license.

Documentation is subject to the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.