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Serializing Objects

Most common usage is probably to serialize objects. This can be achieved very easily:


$serializer = JMS\Serializer\SerializerBuilder::create()->build();
$serializer->serialize($object, 'json');
$serializer->serialize($object, 'xml');
$serializer->serialize($object, 'yml');
{{ object | serialize }} {# uses JSON #}
{{ object | serialize('json') }}
{{ object | serialize('xml') }}
{{ object | serialize('yml') }}

Deserializing Objects

You can also deserialize objects from their XML, or JSON representation. For example, when accepting data via an API.


$serializer = JMS\Serializer\SerializerBuilder::create()->build();
$object = $serializer->deserialize($jsonData, 'MyNamespace\MyObject', 'json');