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Event System

The serializer dispatches different events during the serialization, and deserialization process which you can use to hook in and alter the default behavior.

Register an Event Listener, or Subscriber

The difference between listeners, and subscribers is that listener do not know to which events they listen while subscribers contain that information. Thus, subscribers are easier to share, and re-use. Listeners on the other hand, can be simple callables and do not require a dedicated class.

class MyEventSubscriber implements JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface
    public static function getSubscribedEvents()
        return array(
                'event' => 'serializer.pre_serialize',
                'method' => 'onPreSerialize',
                'class' => 'AppBundle\\Entity\\SpecificClass', // if no class, subscribe to every serialization
                'format' => 'json', // optional format
                'priority' => 0, // optional priority

    public function onPreSerialize(JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\PreSerializeEvent $event)
        // do something

    ->configureListeners(function(JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\EventDispatcher $dispatcher) {
            function(JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\PreSerializeEvent $event) {
                // do something

        $dispatcher->addSubscriber(new MyEventSubscriber());



This is dispatched before a type is visited. You have access to the visitor, data, and type. Listeners may modify the type that is being used for serialization.

Event Object: JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\PreSerializeEvent


This is dispatched right before a type is left. You can for example use this to add additional data for an object that you normally do not save inside objects such as links.

Event Object: JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\ObjectEvent


This is dispatched before an object is deserialized. You can use this to modify submitted data, or modify the type that is being used for deserialization.

Event Object: JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\PreDeserializeEvent


This is dispatched after a type is processed. You can use it to normalize submitted data if you require external services for example, or also to perform validation of the submitted data.

Event Object: JMS\Serializer\EventDispatcher\ObjectEvent