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PHP Manipulator

A helper library for analyzing and modifying PHP source files.


PHP Manipulator can easily be installed via composer

composer require jms/php-manipulator

or add it to your composer.json file.


There are two representations of your source code that this library uses. The first one is the token stream. This library internally uses token_get_all, and adds an object oriented abstraction on top of it. Also, it performs some transformations on the original tokens to make them more suitable for analysis.

The second representation is the abstract syntax tree. It is a higher level abstraction than the token stream; usually not suitable for modifying the source code, but very useful for analysis.

The Token Stream

The Token Stream can be used standalone for modifying PHP source files:

use JMS\PhpManipulator\TokenStream;

$stream = new TokenStream();

while ($stream->moveNext()) {
    echo $stream->token->getContent();

    if ($stream->token->matches(T_CLASS)) {
        $extends = $stream->token->findNextToken(T_EXTENDS);
        if ($extends->isEmpty()) {


To learn more about the powerful token API, have a look at the AbstractToken base class.

The Simultaneous Token/AST Stream

This stream gives you simultaneous access to the token stream, and the AST stream. Iteration is performed on the token stream, but you will have access to the corresponding node of the AST stream as well:

use JMS\PhpManipulator\SimultaneousTokenAstStream;

$stream = new SimultaneousTokenAstStream();

while ($stream->moveNext()) {
    echo $stream->token->getContent();
    var_dump(get_class($stream->node)); // "PHPParser_Node_???"


The code is released under the business-friendly Apache2 license.

Documentation is subject to the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.