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Continuous Inspections

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Secure Random Number Generator

New in version 1.2: The Secure Random Number Generator was added.


In almost all applications, you need to generate random numbers that cannot be guessed by a possible attacker. Unfortunately, PHP does not provide capabilities to do this consistently on all platforms.

This bundle ships with several seed provider implementations, and will choose the best provider possible depending on your PHP setup.


You can enable the ?security.secure_random? service with the following config:

        secure_random: ~
        <secure-random />

Also make sure to run php app/console doctrine:schema:update, or create an equivalent migration to import the seed table.


The generator is made available with the service id security.secure_random.


$generator = $this->container->get('security.secure_random');
$bytes = $generator->nextBytes(16); // 128-bit random number

$bytes in the example above contains binary data. You can then convert this data to a format that you can print out using one of these functions:


$base64Encoded = base64_encode($bytes); // number in base 64
$hexEncoded = bin2hex($bytes); // number in base 16
$decEncoded = bindec($bytes); // number in base 10